While you may not have wanted to be a welder when you were six years old, something else has led you here to Missouri Welding Institute in Nevada, Missouri. We are well-known for our top-notch welding school programs, and recruiters regularly hire our students for their dream jobs. Welding is not a glamorous career, such as acting, but it is a great career for someone looking for a challenging job where they can use their minds every day to solve real-world problems.

Missouri Welding Institute offers several welding class tracks for our students, including Master Pipe Welding and Fitting, Master Structural Welding and Fitting, and a custom welding track for those who are experienced, but are looking for more specialized knowledge. Our sprawling campus is the perfect background to launch your welding career. We understand that the best way to learn a trade is to practice. Thus, we’ve put together a list of a few of the best welding projects for beginners. Contact our welding school today for enrollment information!

More best welding projects for beginners

Storage Rack

A storage rack is a great beginner welding project. It involves straight lines and cuts, and any scrap metal will do. Odds are, your storage rack is going some place where no one will care what it looks like, such as an old shed, your garage, or your basement. All you need is the metal, which can be scrap, and a MIG welder. It may take you a bit to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll cruise through this beginning welder project.


A wagon may be a bit on the advanced side, but Missouri Welding Institute in Nevada wants you to remember that it’s about the practice more than the outcome. Plus, welding a wagon for your kids or grandkids can be super fun. Again, you’ll just need to gather some scrap metal, along with your MIG welder. You will weld the frame, supports, and axles for the wheels. You’ll need to find a flat material for the kiddos to sit on, but once you have it done, you’ll have a great and memorable project for the kids.

Fire Pit

It truly doesn’t get much simpler than building a fire pit. Now before you cry “uncle,” we’re not talking about the most ornate fire pit on the planet here. What we are talking about is a very simple fire pit here that can add beauty to your backyard and be a great place to sit during the summer and roast marshmallows and relax with a glass of wine (that was resting in your handmade wine rack). Here, all you’ll need are four pieces of metal, welding rods, and your welder. You simply make a box, with the welding rods in the corners to hold it together. It’s that easy. You’ll be surprised how nice your fire pit will look. Furthermore, Missouri Welding Institute notes that it can double as a BBQ fire pit as well.

Firewood Caddy

Now that you have a fire pit, you’ll need something to hold your firewood with. Enter the firewood caddy. This is another very simple design that a beginning welder can do. You can find some spare metal tubing that is lying around, as long as it’s sturdy. It may even be the right shape already. In that case, all you would have to do is cut the edges and then polish them out. Your at-home welding device should be able to do this quickly and efficiently.

Missouri welding institute is your welding trade school of choice

Missouri Welding Institute in Nevada offers the best welding classes to take your career to the next level. Our superb staff has decades of collective experience that they can’t wait to share with you. Our staff is caring and compassionate and can answer all of your questions. Here, you are never just a number.

Here at Missouri Welding Institute, we want our welding students to succeed. Thus we offer financial aid assistance, as well as help with housing. We have partnered with local apartment complexes to offer you deals on one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments that also include utility costs. You can also bring your RV.

Here at the Missouri Welding Institute’s campus, you will find the best in welding technology, from our welders to our pipe beveling machines, plasma cutting torches, and our aluminum spool gun. We have grinding stations, a full library, pipe models, and a bulk argon system for GTAW. With a shop and a pipe fitting laboratory, you’ll have the latest in welding techniques and technology at your doorway.

We want our welding students to be the best of the best. We believe we do that everyday with our innovative welding curriculum. Contact our welding trade school for enrollment information today!